The Elephant Wedding Package is one of our popular wedding styles for a real romantic mood and worth to recall. On the bride and groom’s wedding day, starts when organizer staffs (costumers, make up stylists and photographer) meet the bride and groom to dress up and lead them accompany with their followers to wedding place on the beach that was decorated marvelously.

We offer a most memorable Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony with the preparations of packages offering to the Monks on the sandy beach, set up especially for the occasion.

The bride and the groom will enter the ceremony gazebo venue. After the couple get inside the decorated gazebo, they will then be seated directly in front of the Buddhist Monks. The couple pay respect and offer the package to the monks.

Once the offerings have been given, we then move to begin by prayers and chanting by the Monks. You will receive the blessing of the head monk. The Monks will begin chanting.

After the chanting you then join hands in poring the holly water from a small bottle into a bronze bowl that you give to the head Monk and will receive the holy water sprinkled lightly all over your body. You will then give the Monks simple offerings to be blessed, and prayers will be said for you and all your family and friends.

Then, Bride and Groom sit on elephant’s back to the venue. Wedding with elephants rituals are starting to perform by bride and groom are in front of the witnesses and elephants. After a warm welcome and introduction by the celebrant, we will conduct several important rituals, including the giving of flower garlands to the couple, painting 3 dots on their foreheads and placing linked head slings upon their brows.

After completing these rituals, the couple will say their vows and exchange their rings, then all of the guests will take part in the water blessing ceremony using a conch shell to pour sacred water on the couple’s hands for good luck and cool hearts in the future. For the last act, the couple will be entranced by a pair of Thai dancers performing a traditional dance of love. As we move through each element of the ceremony, the Celebrant will explain the symbolism or meaning behind them, which is a wonderful way for the couple and their guests to truly experience the wonder of Thai Culture.

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