Bulon Lae Destination Marriage Packages

Koh Bulon Lae, a tiny island located in the Satun Province in the Andaman Sea and rated as one of the most amazing islands in Thailand. Without a doubt, this island is really unspoiled and far away from mass tourism. Generally it is the most perfect spot for couples, families and backpackers looking for an ultimate dream-island experience!

With its white sand, palm trees, turquoise blue water and one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand that island is an dream for visitor – and the best is, that this island is still an insider tip! If you are planning to see some of the best islands, you should definitely visit this beautiful place. Beside the amazing beaches, also the water is perfect clear. Sometimes you can see fish swarms with more than 100 fishes swimming around you and on the land you can even see very huge lizard’s.

If you are planning to get married or renew and you are worried about the cost of a large event to which all your relatives must be invited, or if you are already married and wish to crown your honeymoon with a very special memory, let’s us arrange you full details of a wedding so special that you can telling your grandchildren about it on the day of your Koh Bulon Lae Wedding Packages.

The perfect setting to realize the dream of your own island, beach, garden, sunrise, sunshine, sunset wedding and tropical honeymoon with Thailand’s leading specialists in romantic beach weddings.

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