Buddhist Blessing Package

Afternoon: Monk Blessing on the Beach

“Serene, Magical, Exotic.” These are words commonly used to describe the ceremonies we offer amidst the setting of a real life paradise where our ceremonies take place.  Sparkling emerald green waters juxtaposed amid the backdrop of lush greenery, it is of no surprise that Thailand is home some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  With countless islands to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect beach.

A sacred blessing by Thai Buddhist Monks is the perfect way for couples seeking a once in a lifetime experience in their relationship.  A blessing is an attempt to contact and share that which is good, particularly in a divine sense. One is trying to make contact with the force of goodness itself and to share this 'energy' so that it might pass on some of that energy to those present.

In addition to receiving a Thai Buddhist Blessing, we offer the opportunity to have a ring exchange ceremony for couples seeking to revitalize their marriage or start anew.  A truly enchanting experience to be cherished for a lifetime. 

Phangan Buddhist Blessing
Koh Phangan
Phi Phi Buddhist Blessing
Phi Phi Beach
Phuket Buddhist Blessing
Samui Buddhist Blessing

Initial Offering
The afternoon Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony begins on the beach with a bow followed by packaged offerings to the Monks.  These offerings are required in order to receive blessings from the Monks.  

Enter the Gazebo
Following the blessing chant, you will then bow before stepping into the decorated gazebo to begin the prayers.  You will be seated in front of the Monks to present the second offering and receive blessings from the Head Monk.  

*Exchanging of Rings (optional)    
If the couple chooses to have a ring ceremony, the couple with be given flower garlands to adorn on one another.  It is also common for the couple to be garnished with a lei of flowers that are tied together with a piece of string to be placed on the heads of the couple to signify a union in the relationship.  The couple will then take turns marking each other with three white spots on the forehead that represent love, life, and luck.  Upon finishing, the couple will proceed to exchange vows and finally the rings.

Khaolak Buddhist Blessing
Krabi Buddhist Blessing
Lanta Buddhist Blessing
Lanta Island
Pattaya Buddhist Blessing

Holy Water Blessing
In order to purge the relationship of any bad spirits, the Bride and Groom will join hands in pouring holy water from a small bottle into a bronze bowl that will be handed to the Head Monk.  The transferring of the holy water signifies a fresh start for the relationship.  The Monk will then give a final blessing with a light sprinkle of holy water.

Conclusion of Ceremony
As a final parting gift by the Monks, Lucky String Bracelets are handed to the couple as well as friends and family in attendance.  With the lighting of the sky lantern and planting of the love tree, this charming ceremony comes to a conclusion.  

Professional photographers will be present throughout the ceremony to take photos.  There will also be time at the end of the ceremony to take photographs.  The afternoon ceremony is an amazing opportunity to capture breathtaking sunsets. (These photos will be viewable on an included online photo gallery).

NOTE: Buddhism is as much a philosophy as it is a religion. The open-minded nature of the faith allows the Monks to perform wedding rituals for those who know little about it. Even those who have never practiced Buddhism, but keep in mind unlike many traditional wedding ceremonies of the west, there is no kissing allowed inside the temple, and in front of the Monks, at the closing of the ceremony.

Buddhist Blessing Package Option 4 Medias :

Buddhist Blessing Package : Thailand

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Buddhist Blessing Package Option 4 - Afternoon Include :

  • Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps.
  • Hair Dressing and Making Up.
  • Traditional Thai Costumes for Couple and use of Thai Jewelry for Female.
  • Fresh Flower Buttonhole for Male.
  • Fresh Flower Bouquet for Female.
  • Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
  • Round trip transfer from/to your hotel.
  • Scented cold towel and drinking water.
  • Beach venue decoration for Monks Blessing (white gazebo, table, chairs, etc ).
  • Master of Ceremony.
  • 3 Buddhist Monks + Fees.
  • Thai Music (Plug-in from iPod or iPhone) playing background during ceremony.
  • Offering packages for the monks and temple donations.
  • 2 fresh flower garlands for the Couple.
  • Painting 3 Dots on each of their foreheads.
  • Sacred Head Slings.
  • String of luck charm bracelets for couple and also participants.
  • Blessing Certificate from our company (Non official).
  • Flower petals shower after ceremony.
  • 1 Bottle of Celebratory Champagne.
  • Ten Wedding Balloons.
  • Online Webpage Photo Gallery.
We had a memorable and beautiful wedding with a Buddhist...
1 years ago.
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We had a memorable and beautiful wedding with a Buddhist blessing ceremony at Phuket thanks to Noi and his team. The make-up artist/hairstylist was professional and talented, so were the videographer and cameraman, who captured all the beautiful moments well. The decor was lovely too. A small private intimate ceremony makes the wedding all the more romantic and special. I would highly recommend them to be your wedding planners. Cheers! R&R
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Our day was amazing! We are so happy and thankfull!...
2 years ago.
Your Review
Our day was amazing! We are so happy and thankfull! Noi and Nash team are awesome and made our day perfect! It were better than we ever could imagine and dream! Thank you everyone!!!
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The Blessing was a Magic Moment we will never ever...
2 years ago.
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The Blessing was a Magic Moment we will never ever Forget. It was perfect in every way and better than we could ever imagine. Thanks to Noi and his Team for this wonderful Blessing.

Christiane and Marco
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Eu e Antonio gostaríamos de agradecer toda a atenção e...
2 years ago.
Your Review
Eu e Antonio gostaríamos de agradecer toda a atenção e carinho que recebemos da Thailand Wedding.

Foi tudo perfeito.

Fomos recebidos pelo próprio dono da agência, o Noi, no dia anterior à cerimônia que nos deu todas as instruções.

No dia da cerimônia a cabeleira e Maquiadora e o fotógrafo chegaram ao hotel na hora combinada.

Na hora de nos deslocarmos até o local da cerimônia havia um motorista nos aguardando.

A cerimônia foi ótima!

Super recomendamos.
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Rebecca and I want to thank you so much for...
2 years ago.
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Rebecca and I want to thank you so much for everything,you made our special day all that we dreamed it would be and a special thanks for sending me the words from the day,they will make an old lady (my mum)cry!!!

We will be sure to recommend your company to anyone that is considering marriage

Yours sincerely,

Mr and mrs Hulme
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