Elephant Beach Western Ceremony

The Elephant Wedding Package is one of our popular wedding styles for a real romantic mood and worth to recall. On the bride and groom's wedding day, starts when organizer staffs (costumers, make up stylists and photographer) meet the bride and groom to dress up and lead them accompany with their followers to wedding place on the beach that was decorated marvelously.

Hua Hin Elephant Wedding
Hua Hin
Khaolak Elephant Wedding
Koh Chang Elephant Wedding
Koh Chang
Krabi Elephant Wedding

Bride and groom sit on elephants' back to the marquee. Wedding with elephants rituals are starting to perform by bride and groom are in front of the witnesses and elephants. Bride and groom stand in front of the elephants and all witnesses stand both sides of the elephants.

Master of ceremony makes his greeting to every honorable witnesses with a beautiful and good meaning poetry (rhyme, or lyric) and get through the following rituals.

Bride and groom together pour sand into a glass that means they have decided to use their life together. Bride and groom declared their love and promise to spend their life with love, honest and merge together forever.

Lanta Elephant Wedding
Lanta Island
Pattaya Elephant Wedding
Phuket Elephant Wedding
Samui Elephant Wedding
Koh Samui

*** Optional for the couple want to do candle lighting ceremony - Bride and groom sit on the carpets in front of their seat and together make a heap of sand, lit candle(s) and put at the top and shower some flowers on. These show that two people have decided to be together and make their lives grow brightly and beautiful success. After completed this step, they come back to their seats.

Groom and bride exchange their wedding rings as the sign that they are already married.

M.C. or a representative gives blessing for wedding couple. As the just wedding couple are kissing the followers shower them with flowers. New wedding couple, witnesses and M.C. sign their names on the certificates.

After that the wedding couple ride on the elephants' back to the next step, popped out marriage celebration champagne, plant a memorized tree and wave wedding flags.

Wedding couple and their followers soar sky lantern and take photographs. End of the ceremony, everybody go back to the hotel happily and safely.

Elephant Beach Wedding Western Ceremony Medias :

Elephant Beach Wedding Package : Thailand

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Elephant Beach Wedding Western Ceremony Include :

  • Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps.
  • Hair Dressing and Making Up.
  • Fresh Flower Buttonhole for Groom.
  • Fresh Flower Bouquet for Bride.
  • 2 fresh flower garlands for the couple.
  • Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
  • Round trip transfer from/to your hotel.
  • Scented cold towel and drinking water.
  • Venue floral decorations, flower arch and elephant back.
  • Master of Ceremony (Celebrant).
  • 1 accompanied elephant during ceremony.
  • Candle Lighting or Sand Unity Ceremony.
  • Arrangement of wedding vow and ring exchange ceremony.
  • Marriage Certificate from our company (Non official).
  • Flower petals shower after the ceremony.
  • 1 Bottle of Celebratory Champagne.
  • Ten Wedding Balloons.
  • Raising the Just Married Flag.
  • Guest Blessing Book.
  • Online Webpage Photo Gallery.
非常感谢泰国婚礼集团带给我们一个如此难忘的具有异国风情的婚礼仪式,在这里要特别感谢司仪Noi及他的团队,摄 影师,摄像师,化妆师和现场布置的工作人员。 在婚礼的前一天,婚礼主持人Noi来到了我们的酒店,与我的爱人及家人介绍了整个婚礼的流程,还给大家模拟了一遍。其中我们想加入一些自己的想法,比如父母致辞,并选择自己喜欢的背景音乐,Noi都能给安排好了。 我们的婚礼从中午开始,先自行在酒店里进行了具有中国元素的迎亲,敬茶仪式,然后下午再跟着婚庆团队去帮涛的日落沙滩进行大象西式婚礼仪式。整个流程摄影师和摄像
2 years ago.
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非常感谢泰国婚礼集团带给我们一个如此难忘的具有异国风情的婚礼仪式,在这里要特别感谢司仪Noi及他的团队,摄 影师,摄像师,化妆师和现场布置的工作人员。




Thanks Thai wedding Group brought us such a memorable exotic wedding ceremony, where special thanks to MC Noi and his team photo, Movies division, photographers, makeup artists and staff on-site arrangement.

The day before the wedding, the wedding host Noi came to our hotel, with my wife and family introduced the whole wedding process, we simulated back again. Where we want to add some of their own ideas, such as parents speeches and choose your favorite background music, Noi can give arranged.

Our wedding from noon, the first self-made wedding in the hotel with Chinese elements, offer tea ceremony, and then again in the afternoon followed by the wedding team to help Sunset Beach elephants were Western-style wedding ceremony. Photographers and cameramen entire process very carefully documented our precious moments, makeup artist did not forget the timely Bride makeup. After the wedding, they very efficiently produced over twenty minutes of video, just two days to put your pictures and videos to us. whole A team is very reliable and trustworthy.

Finally, once again thank all the arrangements for the Wedding Group of Thailand, I would like to strongly recommend wedding in Phuket, you can rest assured that choose this company.
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Mi Boda fue espectacular, viaje desde Colombia a Tailandia solo...
2 years ago.
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Mi Boda fue espectacular, viaje desde Colombia a Tailandia solo pra hacerla en elefantes con esta compañía. Cumplió todas mis espectativas y es la mejor en el mercado de bodas en la playa con elefantes .... La recomiendo, realizaron todo de acuerdo a lo pedido y solicitado.

Hacen que tus día sea más que especial ... Recomiendo optar por video y fotografías ya que quedan muy bien elaboradas.

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Hola. Tuvimos nuestra boda en Koh Samui la que fue perfecta,...
2 years ago.
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Tuvimos nuestra boda en Koh Samui la que fue perfecta, supero nuestras espectativas, ya que el equipo de personas que trabajan en esto para ti hacen un muy buen trabajo, se preocupan de que todo salga muy bien. Yo investigue mucho antes de llegar a esta empresa, pero estamos muy contentos, hicimos un video el cual es maravilloso y unas fotofrafias espectaculares, el maestro de ceremonia la maquilladora todos hicieron un trabajo que te trasmitian que estaban felices. A pesar que no hablan español y uno se entiende mas bien en ingles no habia problema y en este caso, el maestro de ceremonia, la hizo en español.por un pago extra, fue genial !

Muchas Gracias a Noi en especial.

Saludos y gracias por algo que sera inolvidable.
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Perfeito! Muito profissionais; todos; maquiadora, fotógrafo, filmagem e principalmente o...
2 years ago.
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Perfeito! Muito profissionais; todos; maquiadora, fotógrafo, filmagem e principalmente o Noi. A decoração da cerimônia estava linda, o buquê, flores... Nenhum detalhe foi esquecido. Muito obrigada a todos!
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To Noi, Da and all the Staff at Thai Wedding,...
2 years ago.
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To Noi, Da and all the Staff at Thai Wedding, thank you for making our Wedding Day perfect and special. From meeting us in Bangkok and then again in Phuket, everything was professional and all the paperwork was done without stress or hassle. The location, Arna, our beautiful elephant, the fun loving photographers, my beautiful hair and makeup lady Da and the most amazing celebrant Noi could not have been more wonderful and would highly recommend Thai Weddings to anyone looking for personal service from beautiful people. Thank You all again.
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