Our Thai Wedding Grand Package has this same wonder plus so much more. Firstly, before the wedding the couple embark on a photo session that can take place either at an elephant camp on back of these majestic icons of Thailand (traditional weddings in the past used elephants) or at the beach.

After this, the bride and groom will be blessed by monks at a Buddhist Temple before attending the wedding. The wedding proper begins with the groom, accompanied by guest, celebrant, leading the colorful “Long Drum Parade” with vibrant musicians across the garden or beach to where the vows will take place. The groom and guests will be carrying gifts and money to present to the bride’s parents (or representatives).

Along the way, the groom must pass through 3 Gates and respond to questions posed by the gatekeepers. If his answers and gifts are acceptable, the bride, who has been hidden nearby, will come and join her betrothed to first pay respect to the parents, then undergo the rituals described in the Standard Package. The ceremony is completed with the newlyweds planting a “Love Tree” as a gesture of their everlasting love. Cake, Champagne and more romantic photos are the final touches before the couple is transferred back to their hotel or dinner venue.

If you are looking for a different and exotic way to celebrate your wedding, our Thai weddings are the perfect way to turn your dream into mesmerizing reality!

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